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TOS Starship Command Bridge Decals - 1:350

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Command bridge decals for the 1:350 Classic Starship kit from Polar Lights®.  Much time was spent in researching and designing these decals to give your model a much more accurate look that will make it stand out from the rest! Included are decals to recreate ALL 3 versions of the TOS Command Bridge seen from the 1st Pilot episode, the 2nd Pilot episode and the rest of the episodes in the Series. You could even include variations of all 3 if you were building your version of a TOS era kit-bash!

Decals are printed on clear decal film to allow light to pass through.  If you intend to light your bridge piece it is highly recommended to also use the ParaGrafix® Supplemental Photoetch Set (PGX165). For best results apply a glossy WHITE basecoat to the model part prior to application. If using the clear bridge part, light block before applying the white basecoat, masking off any areas you want light to pass through.