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"Lakota" / Starship -B Lighting Parts - 1:1000

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These resin parts are available for modelers who wish to build 1:1000 scale AMT USS Lakota or NCC-1701-B with lighting in mind. Resin detail set include the following:

  • Clear bridge module
  • Translucent blue or red bussard collectors (2)
  • Clear planetary sensor array spotlights (6)
  • Forward photon torpedo launchers (2)
  • Clear impulse amplification crystals (2)
  • Clear aft housing
  • Aft photon torpedo launcher and fantail detail
  • Clear navigational deflector
Upgrade parts are placed into the model by cutting and converting the original plastic kit.  Certain areas of the kit must be cut-away to install the new clear parts.

    All kits are MADE TO ORDER.  Please allow at least 5 days to process prior to shipping.

    Originally produced by Don's Light & Magic.