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Excelsior Marking Detail and Panel Decals - 1:1000 - [ 1994 Release ]

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Full color laser printed decals of detail markings and panels for both variants of the Excelsior Class design as seen in ST:VI and TNG.

Originally produced by Don Matthys (DLM Parts), these decals have been completely redrawn and color-corrected using close-up pictures of the studio model as reference.

Decals feature hard to paint details like the the RCS trusters, various pinstripes, phaser banks, engineering hull panels with pattern detail, simulated lit impulse engine grills, deflectors, details around the bridge, sensor bands and much more!

These decals are packed full onto clear 8.5x11" decal film and will save the modeler hours of masking and painting those micro details. A decal placement guide along with instructions with tips and tricks is included.

Decals available in either Dark Yellow accents around the bridge area or Light Gray accents.

NOTE: This set of decals is only for the 1994 AMT®/ERTL® release of the EXCELSIOR (kit #6630). Some decals might have fitting issues if used on the newer released AMT® versions (kit #84312 and AMT-1257). Make sure you have the correct kit prior to purchasing!

Originally produced by Don's Light & Magic, with several new improvements.