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Upper Decks w/ Interior - 1:537

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These resin parts fix another one of the inaccuracies of the AMT® Refit Constitution Class Starship kit. These highly detailed replacement parts include the B/C Deck, Command Bridge module, and your choice of interior. This kit (originally produced by DLM Parts) has been completely remastered by Lake Monster with additional details, like the clamshell design on top of the B/C Deck and a highly detailed command bridge module.  The lounge windows are accurately angled aft compared to the AMT® kit and the windows have polished in a high gloss clear to allow for lighting and interior viewing. Interiors included with this kit is either the Officer's Lounge (TMP) or Officer's Dining Room, as seen in ST6: TUD. As long as the inside of the clear B/C Deck is not light blocked, ambient light from the model interior will illuminate the interior piece.

***If you have ALREADY purchased the CONSTITUTION REFIT UPGRADE KIT please see the "Constitution Refit B/C Deck w/ Interior - 1:537" kit, which just offers the B/C Deck and interior without the command bridge.***

Kit includes:

  • B/C Deck cast in clear resin
  • Opaque resin Command Bridge module
  • Opaque resin interior part (Officer's Lounge or Officer's Dining Room)

Parts are MADE TO ORDER.  Please allow at least 5-6 days to process prior to shipping.

Originally produced by Don's Light and Magic, with several new improvements.