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Constitution Refit "Smoothie" Kit (Blue or Violet) - 1:537

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These resin upgrade parts are for the original AMT/ERTL® 1980 release of 1:537 scale  Constitution Refit starship from the TMP movie era.  The model kitnicknamed "Smoothie"did not have the warp grill details or phaser banks molded into the kit.  These add-on parts correct this.  Detail set includes:

  • Translucent inner warp replacement grills for lighting
  • Solid outboard warp replacement grills
  • Phaser emitters (6 single and 6 double)
  • Photon Torpedo launcher
Upgrade parts are placed into the model by cutting and converting the original plastic kit.  Certain areas of the kit must be cut away to install the new clear parts.

    Most parts are MADE TO ORDER.  Please allow at least 5-7 days to process prior to shipping.

    Originally produced by Don's Light and Magic.