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Constitution Refit -A Hangar Bay w/ Decals - 1:350

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For the first time in almost four years, and back by popular demand, the DLM Parts' Hanger Bay Conversion Kit is back!  This highly detailed kit was crafted to duplicate the hangar bay as seen in STV: TFF, and is used in-lieu-of the the TMP hangar bay parts in the Polar Lights® 1:350 Constitution Refit model kit. 

This kit is comes made with 14 parts, cast in both opaque gray and clear parts for easy lighting and light blocking. A further step in lighting capabilities is a version of the walls cast in clear resins to show lighting of control rooms and wall mounted lamps. Side alcoves of the bay are open and visible and can also be lit, plus an option of an open door leading to the cargo bays. Kit also includes two newly designed sheets of highly detailed decals for both the floor and the walls.  No Constitution Refit-A Starship model will be complete without this kit!

Conversion kit is MADE TO ORDER.  Please allow at least 5-6 days to process prior to shipping.

To be used with the POL949 model kit.

Originally produces by Don's Light and Magic, with improvements.