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Bird-of-Prey Wing Hinge Conversion - 1:350

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On June 1, 1984, a mysterious and intimidating form decloaked for the first time in theaters everywhere, impressing countless sci-fi fans with a new menacing alien attack spacecraft. The Bird-of-Prey swooped out, lowered its wings, energized its weapons and made its first kill! Ten years later, AMT/ERTL introduced this aggressive bird in model kit form, but they left out an important feature...

This wing hinge conversion kit, originally designed by M-Factory’s Coby Lorang (Coby-Wan) and re-designed by Lake Monster Details is now produced in .030 gauge silver  plastic sheet. This laser cut plastic naturally slides easily past each other so your  Bird-of-Prey's wings can manually articulate down for weapons firing mode and horizontal for cruise mode.

Included are resin cast mounting racks and pre-cut brass bar stock The kit also comes with new colorized illustrated instructions for assembly.

The finer points of the conversion kit include:

  • 26 laser cut baffle plates sequence from 1 and 26
  • 23 left and right laser cut wing plates labeled L and R
  • 4 wing plate with fine line laser engraved detail for painting or flat for decals
  • 4 resin cast support mounting racks racks
  • 4 pre-cut brass bar stock 3/32" x 1 5/8" lengths
  • 4 decals for the outer wing plates (front and back)

This is a Skill Level 4 conversion kit requiring modification to the AMT (Round2) kit. Upgrade parts are placed into the model by cutting and converting the original plastic kit. Certain areas of the kit must be cut away to install the new parts.

Please allow at least 7 days to process prior to shipping, as some parts are ordered and processed through a 3rd party.