Constitution Refit Upgrade Kit - 1:537

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Detail parts are for the 1:537 AMT Refit Starship.  Parts are accurate, designed for lighting and can also be adapted to other kit bashes of the AMT movie era kits.

Upgrade kit includes:

  • Accurate bridge module
  • Accurate lower planetary sensor dome
  • Clear navigational deflector dish
  • LED holder cup for deflector
  • Front nacelle space matter sinks (bussards) with lightable amplification domes included
  • Photon torpedo launcher
  • Dorsal wedge correction
  • Shuttle bay beacon
  • Shuttle bay details
  • Clear window inserts for saucer, including "Rec Deck" (6)
  • Single phaser emitters for secondary hull (6)

Parts are MADE TO ORDER.  Please allow at least 4-7 days to process prior to shipping.

Originally produced by Don's Light and Magic, with improvements.